Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Journaling #1

Today, welcome indeed and we’re talking about a major first step on a life path. Journaling is a powerful life skill to learn . . . Tuesday Teachings here on the zen.vegan.thrive blog are for you and your empowerment through skills and mastery.

So, Journaling with our Monthly Cycles . . . step #1 this week

I’m teaching you practices from the Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths – with Zen and Spiritual Yoga. And it’s a daily flow of working with our Moon cycles and Lunar rhythms. So, as many of you might know I’m teaching to flow with our monthly 28 day lunar cycles.

In Vedic Astrology this is called “living with our Nakshatras” or, the lunar Mansions of the Goddess where we find our joy [or not] and our ability to be less stressed-out or stretched-out through pressure of time. Learning to live with flow.

Starting a daily journal at New Moon is powerful – you can start making notes of your feelings, emotions and drives without any knowledge at all of astrology or the bigger Cosmic cycles, just trust and be yourself then maybe in the next monthly cycle you can add deeper insight?

More in part #2 of this blog next week. Good luck on your journey!


We came here to be happy

We came here to be happy, and for many of us today we simply need to slow down, live with Cosmic rhythms and cycles of Nature: which means our return to innocence.

The big changes that are happening in our world right now can seem overwhelming, but we can empower ourself by making small changes within – practice is powerful.

In the video below I’m talking about Journaling and reading from Vicki Noble’s book “Shakti Woman” with her advice and guidance.

You can follow the practices on the 7 day weekly practices pages on my The Kindest Revolution website [check the pull down menu]: and Journal for 28 days of our Lunar Cycle, supported by my teachings and practices.

Then if you’d like more of a group experience, we can share our stories of our Journeys: I’ll put up the link on a playlist for you to upload any videos you make from your writing, thoughts, creativity. Let me know in the comments below?



Namaste, enjoy!


You can donate to support the teachings!! Namaste



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