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A Great Awakening is coming . . .

. . . a Great Awakening that is far louder and stronger and more interesting than the sleepy resignation and corrosive maliciousness and ignominious decline that the media prefers to focus on. Civilization may be unraveling in a lot of areas; some of its structures may be collapsing; but it is also in the midst of a tremendous upheaval of creativity —



a flood of innovation and

genius and

love pouring out of millions upon millions of people



In Judeo-Christian cultures, many people associate the sky with the masculine form of God.

According to this bias, the Supreme Father rules us all from on high — up, away, far from here. But if you were an ancient Egyptian, the sky was the goddess Nuit, her body its very substance. She was a loving mother whose tender touch could be felt with each new breath.



For one day, act as if you and the sky goddess are in constant contact.


Give birth to the children of your creative imagination, nurture your own creative mystery.



The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise


The universe is, instant by instant, recreated anew. There is in truth no past, only a memory of the past. Blink your eyes, and the world you see next did not exist when you closed them. Therefore, the only appropriate state of the mind is surprise. The only appropriate state of the heart is joy. The sky you see now, you have never seen before. The perfect moment is now. Be glad of it. —Terry Pratchett



It’s traditional to give thanks and bless our teachers: With gratitude to Rob Brezny [Twitter: @FreeWillAstro | web ]  . . . for guidance over 10 years or so, to give me “mystical science & crazy logic” – which seems to have worked just fine!  suzen




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