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We know that physically, as a human being all we are is air, water and food . . . and everything on the physical plane of our existence has its own energetic frequency, our energy medicine which can heal us emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To truly thrive, we balance.

Today for Monday Motivation, calmly working with creativity at the centre of our seemingly chaotic Universe, this is one of my energy medicine videos – it has its own frequency, 963Hz on the Solfeggio healing scale for a Crown Chakra Clearing meditation.



Spirit of Air and Water 963 Hz | Crown Chakra Clearing 10 minutes | Meditation Energy Medicine | Kundalini Breathing and Movement. Hang Drum, Rainsticks, Flute, Saxophone and Bamboo percussion.



I mixed a haunting, ghostly Hang Drum backing track with Rainsticks, Wind instruments and Bamboo percussion. The wind instruments and percussion come in every 16 seconds – we take a round of 4 breaths, squat, roll up to standing, raise arms to Crown Chakra and roll down to a squat: go again in the next  16 second section.


Equal Breathing, focusing on light at each Chakra as we move slowly with the breath. Rolling up to standing on inhales, folding down through forward bending to the yogic squat on exhales. Visualise light at the Crown Chakra as the inhale meets the exhale there – Prana/Apana practice. 963 HZ is the Solfeggio frequency resonating with the Crown Chakra: your experience of your Divinity.

As always, my intention for your healing is woven in with the Energy of the meditation for your medicine healing.

Namaste, SuZen



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