Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Flow #1 : Essence of Flow – breath, blood, life force

When you think “thrive”, think of all the seemingly small, but necessary daily elements of life as the miraculous organ you are as a human being. At our essence we are a living organism, on a living Planet, in a living Universe.



All we are on a physical level as a human being is air, water and food. And physically, our body’s 10-13 trillion cells replace themselves every 100 days [just over 3 months]. How about that for a “slow flow”?


Small steps, small changes . . . one day at a time: in 100 days from now you’ll be a new you! But let’s talk about repetition and commitment as well as practicalities and practices: we could take the attitude of  “What’s the point in showering we’re only going to get dirty again?” or  “Why bother washing up when we’re only going have to redo it when we reuse the dishes.” Come to think of it, what’s the point in eating, when we’ll be hungry in a few hours time? And of course, sleeping’s unnecessary, too . . .  we just always end up feeling tired again. I don’t think I need to say anymore, do I? Some things in life just need to be repeated: and diligently. A single change doesn’t always effect a permanent transformation. But taking things one step at a time in your day eventually leads to trillions of new cells of “you-ness”.



Daily Flow

Taking care of essence of flow at our physical and energetic organic level is about small, organic things at the basic level of our being, in the basic level of our daily life.


3 things need to flow:
life force/chi/prana

. . . and here are 3 simple practices to fit into your daily routine


Prana Breath Flow

In this practice we combine setting our intention for the day, bodymindspirit balancing and Prana [life force/Chi] breath flow.


Cold Water Paddling

So simple, so short and sweet [and a bit of a shock to the system] our morning circulation booster


Ayurvedic Morning Tone-up

This whole-body, energetic and spiritual daily tone-up works with the ancient Ayurvedic practice of  acupressure. It gets a bit playful towards the end of the practice!


Enjoy! suzen


[ Art Blood Image by Asif Pav from Pexels ]
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