Friday Tea-time . . . the zen tea destressing art – and our teas | Yellow Tea #3 : 2 wonderful teas

Friday tea time and time to take time out for our de-stressing tea-way ritual. This week I’m continuing the focus on Yellow Tea: and here’s my guidance for your contemplation . . .   “yellow” in its energy connects us at our solar plexus chakra, giving us a culture of awareness of energetic birthing into connectedness with Planet and Nature. Let’s discover a couple of wonderful China Yellow Tea types . . . a little hard to find but worth it!


Meng Ding Huang Ya

Leaves for this yellow tea are cultivated along Mount Meng in Sichuan Province [yes, the origin of well know Sichuan-style Chinese cooking.] The tea type is one of the ancient Chinese teas and has been drunk and cultivated since the reign of the Han Dynasty [ 206 bce – 220 ce]. This type of Yellow Tea gives of a nature of nuttiness in flavor and with mild notes of grass!!


Mo Gang Huang Ya

This is another yellow tea grown at high elevations in the Zhejiang Province. The yellow tea leaves are cultivated on the slopes of Mount Mo Gan Shan, which has a unique microclimate that deepens the flavor of the tea. The area is rife with mountain springs, foggy mornings, and cool weather patterns: think of all that Yin water-nature-energy. The territory in the region results in a unique yellow tea that has a lightly sweet flavor, lingering aftertaste, and brews into a color similar to plump apricots: delicious.



Yellow Tea – refresher

Yellow tea is produced similarly to White Tea and Green Tea although an additional step is added. This extra step produces a tea that brews into a golden hue and features a mellow flavor without grassy notes. When you learn more about the basics of Yellow Tea, you can unearth some of the best types on the Planet. This is the process:

The leaves are harvested in early spring and immediately dried using direct sunlight or gentle pan-firing. Once dry, the leaves are wrapped in wet paper or cloth to induce a mild oxidation process through steaming. The yellow tea leaves are oxidized for up to three days and may undergo additional firing or drying rounds. This tea processing method produces a yellowing effect on the tea leaves. [Read more in my blog here]


[For more on the Heath benefits of Yellow tea read my blog here]



As usual, I encourage you to inform yourself and if you’re instinctively drawn to a tea like Yellow Tea for your mind-body-spirit then gen up as much as you can with self-education. Learn more about our Zen Tea-way in my blog.

Enjoy! suzen

With Gratitude to Cup and Leaf: we’ve partnered up with these lovely people – and when you buy your teas from them, we get a little bit of commission which helps to support the zen.vegan.thrive Newspaper every week! Check out their own amazing Tea Bundles in their shop.

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