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Creativity gets chaotic: chaos energy is Primordial Mother feminine energy of process. Our creativity comes from intuition and inspiration and neither can be controlled – this is how I give myself space for the chaos, by producing mantras and meditation energy medicine tracks for chanting, movement meditation, podcasts and videos: all intended to raise our vibrations . . . awakening to Divine Feminine process.


AUM | This is the teaching and the practice of the sound which makes up the OM Mantra: A U M. I teach you the breathing and sounds and then we practice the chanting of the Mantra. Mantra is one of our gateways to Consciousness, with the vibration harmonising us with the Universe.


Voice of SuZen Meditation Medicine | A U M OM Mantra Chanting | Teaching and Practice


Voice of SuZen Meditation Medicine

The symbol OM represents Humanity’s realisation of Divinity within the Self. A U M is the feminine inner process of our spiritual embodiment in the chanting vibration. Powerful practice at all times – and especially at the end of New Moon Phase and just before the First Quarter phase when we’re more open to settling into our awareness of new seeds of inspiration for our creativity and renewal.

Namaste! Enjoy, suZen

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