Wednesday Wisdoms | Voice of Men | wisdoms . . . for our growth: Swami Vivekananda “sisters and brothers” 1893 Chicago


Swami Vivekananda’s teaching: I left the Wednesday slot on the Blog free purposefully, intuitively wanting to know what would “flow in”. Wisdom is what seems to want to flow . . . but maybe not every Wednesday, so maybe there’ll be a blog or post of some kind, and maybe not. As long as the inspiration keeps coming, I’ll keep going with it. It seems to keep coming and flowing . . . wisdom IS a Divine source of life power, so: inexhaustible!


This series of inspirations is a new way of distilling wisdom and passing it onto you . . . “Voice of Men”. This week Swami Vivekananda, and his most known speech which thankfully was recorded in 1893 in Chicago .



Swami Vivekananda’s famous speech | 1893 World Council of Religions Chicago



“Sisters and Brothers of America . . . there is one ideal, that you are Divine”. Swami Vivekananda [paraphrased by me]

Swami Vivekananda attended the 1893 Conference of Religions in Chicago, US – famously bringing Yoga to the West, along with Suzuki who brought Zen on the same occasion. Called the “wandering monk” Vivekananda had heard about the conference and set off from India, not really knowing exactly how he was going to get to Chicago . . . on arrival in the US he met helpful people who got him there and on time! He wasn’t exactly welcomed with the respect he deserved, being the student of Sri Ramakrishna the Sage whose teaching had been “Jiva is Shiva” [each individual is divinity itself]  . . . but when he got up to make his address the audience was stunned. As they would say today, his speech “went viral”. Astonishing that early technology provided us with this legacy today.



“Dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thought leads, and dare to carry that out in your life.” Vivekananda






With thanks and blessings for this video version to Abhilash V R on YouTube: you can check out the channel here. . .



“Balance is what happens when you know in your heart something is right.”

Enjoy! suzen

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