“A-Broken-Kind-of-Xmas” Zen Vegan Thrive Weekly | Edition Saturday 21st December | SuZen Editorial

Welcome to this week’s newspaper!

Not everyone “does” Christmas – and for so many people it gets kind of “broken” . . . so here’s a “good news” edition full of hope and good things [and yes, we need to get sad as well]. And for some of us it’s Solstice  . . . and I’m sending you all Blessings.

. . . here’s a quick run-down: Dr Vandana Shiva’s landmark article “Oikonomia” [ever wondered how conscious economy really should work?] . . . and do you remember Alpha Circle’s new single review a while ago  – well, this week we have the news of the newest release “YaYa Diamond”.

In the music videos section, I just had to pay tribute to some of the best-ever ’80’s xmas-songs [get your eye-shadow and shoulder pads on and sing-a-long].

Powerfully, for all of us, remembering the intention some of our teachers in the past set for us as humanity: and getting deeper by the week into our Voice of Men editorial thread : Wisdoms to support us in our growth on our paths – this week, Swami Vivekananda’s speech [yes, the real recording] at the 1893 Chicago Parliament of Religions “Sisters and Brothers of America”   . . . in the paper’s lower third video section.

We had the spiritual “Book of the Century” as my review a few weeks ago: Nandhiji’s “Mastery of Consciousness” – with transformative teachings for us today from the Ancient Siddhar Masters. And the month’s music feature was Thanos’ hauntingly ambient music art . . . which has been a journey of [almost] a lifetime’s devotion to reaching people at their soul-level and wrapping them in love!

“Go Live Your Dream Today” by James Nussbaumer was one of the first feature articles we carried and . . . from Ecotherapist Jane Redfern, her article: “The Acorn’s Secret” . . . in her own story-telling style that I think of as “Earth Zen” . . . we’ve been blessed with images and contributions from Jane almost weekly since the newspaper started earlier this year!

As usual in the video section:  Astrology, but not as you know it by Adam Elenbaas – Adam is now known by his Bhakti Yoga Spiritual name Acyuta-Bhava Das | Tarot card readings for next week for each Astrological sign by the amazingly gifted Ali – and she gives us a current energies check-in for this weekend.

Vegan cooking obviously is special this week – with lots of recipes for the festive season [if you “do” Christmas] by Rachel Ama and Avante Garde Vegan | More “mad weather” by MrMBBB  | Plus more chanting and Chakra practice from me to keep us in tune and in touch with art, beauty, music, wisdom . . . all Divine Feminine energetic expressions . . .

We go to press today with yet more incredible contributions from the “I Declare World Peace” art movement [check the photos section] .

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Much love
“Live well yourself, live well with others and our Planet”


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Newspaper Banner image this week: Monochrome image in a dark room : Photo by Akshar Dave from Pexels


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