Friday Tea-time . . . the zen tea destressing art – “learning silence” | A Zen Story [Koan]

Friday tea time again this week, and time to take time out for our de-stressing tea-way ritual. Today I’m continuing the focus on guidance for your contemplation and the zen tea way . . .  I found this short animated zen story on the tale of the 4 students learning to be silent for 7 days, a koan for the tea way to tranquility of mind and wisdom.


Learning to be Silent



A wisdom story for our age of control and drama!


Learning to be silent

We’re in an age of trying too hard and automatic responses to drama/trauma . . . caused by many things of course, our own evolution and mis-guided priorities and values. We’re in crisis as Humanity . . . but Humanity always needs crisis to make the structural changes we need to change . . .


As usual, I encourage you to inform yourself and if you’re instinctively drawn to a daily way to tranquility and peace for your mind-body-spirit then gen up as much as you can with self-education. Learn more about our Zen Tea-way in my blog.

Enjoy! suzen


With Gratitude to Cup and Leaf: we’ve partnered up with these lovely people – and when you buy your teas from them, we get a little bit of commission which helps to support the zen.vegan.thrive Newspaper every week! Check out their own amazing Tea Bundles in their shop.

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