Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe”


Life, and the world, challenges me no end . . . and my resources. So, as a Teacher of Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation I delve deep, I practice, teach and trust.—Susan

We’re at a moment in Eternity. And like Gandhi who when toughly challenged to be inspirational and responsible turned to Baghavad Gita, Song of God, I turn to the Song of the Universe – the Mother of Existence’s presence in all things: flow of our Nakshatras. The answer always lies within the question, as we say in Zen: and of course, yoga and zen had the same roots.
I turn to the Song of the Universe – the Mother of Existence’s presence in all things: Flow

The “moment” we are at collectively as Humanity, is the end of the age of Kali Yuga. This has been a dark age of Technological power, and not of Yoga power, which has left us dependent and vulnerable. The power I’m talking about comes from attaining the Divjne Focus we need to live with our Soul Force, Truth Force or Love Force for creating, as both Gandhi and Jesus called it.

Existence tells me, there are always cycles and we always survive and thrive again as Humanity. What happens at the end of the ages is what is happening now . . . but I had to research to find out and make some sense, so I could come up with teaching and practice to realise my own purpose, and show the way. It’s my own Karma.

At the end of every age [in Western astrology roughly every 2,150 years] the Great Teachers come – think of 500 bce onwards when Buddha, Zoroastra, Mohammad and laterly Jesus all came to prominence as teachers and guides: the teachers point the “way”, they all have their own techniques and we do the “work” as individuals. They distill the wisdom of the passing age for the future generations. What happens then at the start of the new age is, there is a creative flowering speaking of our “language of rebirth”.

In essence what happens, historically, is a return to innocence which is what the Ancient Wisdom Teachings teach us.



The “return to innocence” is the experience of awakening, at Guru Chakra, Divine Principle: our individual buddha mind.

What Teachers are fulfilling as their purpose is to distill wisdom to show us where the hope for Humanity is. Hope is in the quality of innocence which comes from the maturity of making our choices with discernment, with the result of building strong psychic defences which protect us by being able to live with, and not to try to control, the power of nature: existence flowing through us: Flow.

To live with Flow is to trust, to believe in the mystery in all things. My challenge as a Western Teacher in Ireland [most of the time] made me research. So I’ll explain, our Karma, and Karma of the Planet is changing, and Karma shows us where the hope is. I discovered that the Guru Chakra [third eye] of the Planet is mobile and moves at the changing of the ages – wherever this Chakra is globally is about the distilling of wisdom, and where the teachers are drawn to. The mobile Earth Guru Chakra is moving right now from Giza/Mount of Olives to this longitude here in Europe [Ireland]: Karma of the Planet is changing, and teachers here are faced with lack of commitment to practice from students, yet with a need to document our teachings for the future.

Kind of tough on a daily basis, and my own challenge has led me to daily practice and offering teachings and support with the whole of Yoga and Zen, in the rhythm of the “Lunar Mansions of the Goddess”, our Nakshatras – the daily, weekly and monthly flow of our Lunar astrological cycle.



My own enlightenment came from Ayurveda but not as commonly understood in the West: I looked to Astrology, Goddess and Flow. I started living with, and teaching from the experience of our Nakshatras, the lunar cycles of experiencing the energies of the “Mansions of the Goddess” – so, as we know, qualities of existence flowing through us individually on a rhythmic daily and monthly cycle. There’s another story here . . . for another day.

I’ll give you an example of a few days’ flow from a week last year: and the teachings and supports I offered – we had 3 days of Moon in Libra, typically a time to “sit on the fence” waiting in the realm of thought and air for clarity, and always with the aim of moving into harmony. Then we had a Karmic “lull” with the moon aspecting deeply Karmic Pluto, and I always say “we’ll sit with this” . . . then coming into Scorpio Moon, energy of the deep feminine, with the experience of freezing everything out to go deep for clarity. The teaching I offered was: Under the Libra Moon, Balancing our Being. Under the Scorpio Moon, we nourished the Spirit with devotion to practice in Ancient Yogic teachings and Mantra.

What actually manifested in the reality of our world was: GDPR “day” was under Libra Moon. I found out I’m “blocked” from my own Master’s blog on India’s SpeakingTree, as they sat on the fence then temporarily blocked Europeans [freezing us until they deal with it]. And the “Yes” vote to repeal the Irish Constitution for the feminine issue of legal pregnancy termination, had a landslide under a Scorpio Moon with a Karmic lunar “lull”.

I didn’t finish this article until we were out of the Karmic “lull” and into the culmination of the Sagittarius Full Moon: an energy of stepping in/stepping out.



Humanity always has “Hope”: it’s the redeeming virtue that holds together the fibre of the Yuga, ensuring the continuity of material life. For me, I live with the daily rhythm of the Flow of Existence. And I’ll remind you, the reader, that Ancient Eastern Wisdom included Vedic Astrology’s role historically in India. It contained the wisdom of harmony in the community and relationships, as well as precise timing for agriculture: planting and harvesting.

I’ll leave you with an insight into our corporate and industrial lives. Can you imagine the amount of stress that could be avoided if a work team knew not to launch a new Social Media initiative right on the cusp of a 5 hour Karmic lull, when famously and frustratingly we know technology just does not respond? The potential for positive planning is limitless.

Our power is limitless, as long as we respect and revere Flow.



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