zen of destiny – what gets in the way: mind clusters

‘I’m continuing my blog theme here: “Nothing is broken . . . ” the zen of our destiny.’—Susan

Remember what the Zen Master realised: the ordinary sincere person has all they need to awaken – nothing is missing. Sincerity and wisdom are all that is required because wisdom is the Divine state of mind from which buddhi awakens.

My sub-title could have been : “why are we doing it this way?”

Just because nothing that we know of has worked in the past to heal our big humanity/planet issues doesn’t mean it won’t work now.



zen of destiny

Here’s a meditation on our destiny for contemplation in our daily life: allowing awareness to arise as we go about our lives with dignity and strength. What is getting in the way?

I call the mindset that’s getting in the way : “mind clusters” [or 20th century thinking]

For instance: why did a widely media-publicised Extinction Rebellion day of demonstrations have to leave so much litter in the aftermath? Why do protestors post on Twitter accounts post-event of being strung out they’re so stressed and overwhelmed. Why so much noise?

Sounds like the ’60’s and ’70’s to me – 20th century thinking.

We know what worked for Gandhi – silent sitting in strength. Actually and personally, we knew this as Economic students in Manchester in the ’70’s – we occupied one of the Manchester Metropolitan University’s older buildings to demonstrate, we had a well organised “sit-in” in shifts [even with the Students Union running a pay-bar for fund raising!] and we won our cause. I led a silent demonstration in 2001 through London to the Catholic Archbishop’s residence raising awareness over the victims of the Priest Sex scandals – and we made all the major news stories with TV coverage showing our dignity.



“Why are we doing it this way?”

Nothing is broken. Your teachers and Spiritual Guides today know the strength it will take to get through the challenges of the next few years. The strength we’ll need comes from holding a quiet intent in each individual’s mind – zen. All that’s getting in the way is our own minds clustering around out-dated methodology. “Why are we doing it this way?”

This is the message that zen can bring to how we will thrive: “Life brings Life | Joy brings Joy | Hope brings Hope”.



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