Spirit of Zen … Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age

I was drawn to give this blog a sub-title: Spirit of Our Times, Spirit of Zen … but “Be Your Own Buddha in the Aquarius Age” seemed to suit better—read on to understand my process.—Susan

2,000 years have passed now since the birth of the Christian Era, The Piscean Age, an astrological age which probably started around the time of the Buddha Siddhartha Gautam in India, a few hundred years previously.

It has been an age of patriarchy, organised religion and … also of the victim and the martyr—when an individual’s own spirituality and religious obligation was influenced, ordered and organised by a few men and their followers: Buddha, Christ, Prophets and Saviours, Enlightened Masters and Gurus.

The Age of The IndIvIdual Master

The Age we are now moving into as a collective of humanity, the astrological Age of Aquarius, is about individuality: qualities of life patterns experienced and expressed by individual human beings as part of an organic whole — we’re subtly passing over a threshhold into an era where each individual needs to master his or her own spiritual authority: we’re evolving.

For it is when the rivers of life bend sharply, when the will of nature makes us bend to a higher Universal Nature, as humanity evolves in consciousness, then our own need for inner authority and wisdom meets the spirit of existence herself, and what we meet personally is our own karma.

When no-one in the future can remember who a Buddha, or Jesus, Mohammad, or who the enlightened Masters were, zen will still exist.

The Mother of Existence will continue to live and breathe through nature’s cycles, as in the lovingness of the Tao or the Great Breath of Yoga; the karma of humanity will continue to be played out, tiring itself out, and Spirit of Zen will continue to flow in all things.

There probably will not now be another saviour or redeemer for the world, but these qualities are inborn in all of us, mastering them and learning to be in the flow of existence means that each one of us will redeem our own lives: for this is where your karma is, in those ancient life-patterns flowing through your present life with which you need to work creatively: to redeem your own life.

Acknowledging this spirit and honouring this need for self-mastery in practice, the Wisdom-mind, fully opened heart and peaceful being-nature innate in all of us unfolds naturally with new inner spaces of personal inner freedom — in clear awareness of the completeness and totality of existence; and with sublime life-healing from living with the Spirit of Zen.

This is the Zeitgeist then, the Spirit of Our Times, times in which Spirit of Zen blows on the winds of change for humanity — the dawn of the age of the Individual Master — where you are your own buddha.



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Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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