Zen Loves You

Zenity is my term for Sanity by Zen—it might be the sanest thing in an insane world! I also say it’s for broken people living meaningless lives. Zen has always accepted that Humanity has a heartbreak.

We’re all broken to some degree—mainly broken in our hearts: and Zen gives deep healing ways and joy for life. You are here to be you . . . on your unique path to what we call an “Act of Truth”, or the way you serve existence. Existence needs you to flow through. Zen has always been about love and existence loves you.

Zen always changes with the culture on its World travels, and the culture changes Zen: so my teaching for you draws on ancient wisdom teachings, and also the ancient earth connection I experienced living in South West Ireland. Deep connection heals our “broken-ness”.

And from our ancient teachings, pre-Yoga and what we call “Zen” now, I’m going to take you back by using 4,000 year old centering meditations. One simple step you can take to living a simpler, more fulfilling life is to practice the “Zen Art of Tea Drinking”: here’s a round-up of the “Tea Way” blogs [click here …] – it’s a way to meditation time and for us to take time out, be together and connect.

We’re never alone when we practice in Zen, it’s a way of letting the love in for Humanity.






“The boundaries of existence
I call Heaven and Earth
Beyond this there is no name
Existence on Earth I call Love,
Or Mother (Tao).”
Lao Tzu, Tao te Ching


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Published by SuZen

Teacher of Zen and Yoga Meditation, Writer and Spoken Word Artist SuZen

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