The Entire World in “Hermit” mode . . . ? AUMmmmm

I’m breaking my silence during the last month of a 100-day deep retreat . . . in awareness of the Pandemic virus sending the whole world into self-isolation, staying at home in enforced “hermit” mode. And what happens in stillness, silence and rest? Love-force arises. Gandhi called it Soul-force, Jesus called it Love-force . .Continue reading “The Entire World in “Hermit” mode . . . ? AUMmmmm”

Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Skin #1 : and elimination

When you think “thrive”, think of all the seemingly small, but necessary daily elements of life as the miraculous organ you are as a human being. At our essence we are a living organism, on a living Planet, in a living Universe. So, here’s something else I’ve been teaching this for over 20 years :Continue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Skin #1 : and elimination”