The Silent Language of the Heart

The heart has its own language, it’s a silent language of devotion, compassion, kindness and trust. In our Zen and Yoga path we have many, many practices to work with this energy center, the space of the heart, and so I used to teach these over a few classes or workshops. Our yogic practices helpContinue reading “The Silent Language of the Heart”

Models of Hope : Sustainability, The Growing Movement | Digital eBook by Susan Ni Rahilly with Rose Mason, The Kindest Revolution

  Models of Hope is a book about just that: hope. Humanity is facing colossal challenges and it can be difficult to see a positive road ahead, but there is one. Hope remains despite adversity, and we can find it in the form of sustainability. There are 4 traditional pillars of sustainability; human, social, economicContinue reading “Models of Hope : Sustainability, The Growing Movement | Digital eBook by Susan Ni Rahilly with Rose Mason, The Kindest Revolution”

Zen of Inspiration and a Heart-based Way to our Future

We’re all suffering from being terribly practical—that’s what we’re taught to be from an early age. We’re encouraged to be, all the time: open the newspaper and what does it say? Watch TV and what does it tell us? The prevalent message is “…we all ought to be more practical”. So, of course, when weContinue reading “Zen of Inspiration and a Heart-based Way to our Future”

Zen of Evolving into Happiness

The world is changing and it’s changing fast, it’s going through a profound process. We can see it happening all around: open a newspaper, talk to someone, talk to anyone and they’ll all tell you things they once found were sure and certain in their lives are no longer such stable factors. Ideas, beliefs, opinionsContinue reading “Zen of Evolving into Happiness”

Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen

Harmonising, simplicity and daily ordering In living with Zen, and with a regular practice, we’re acknowledging and respecting our innate Buddha mind, our individual Buddha hearts and of course our own Buddha nature. So the essence of our life becomes in regularly placing ourselves in a silent, simple place of harmonising with humanity.    Continue reading “Finding “Golden-ness” Every Day With Zen”

Sweet Healing Revolution

The sweetness of your Soul flowing freely through your life is as simple as allowing self-acceptance into yourself and your life. “Simple, quite difficult for many of us, but bringing a sweet revolution.”—Susan       Ancient Steps to Sweet Flow of Soul I call the healing we get from Zen and Yoga practices andContinue reading “Sweet Healing Revolution”

Zen Loves You

Zenity is my term for Sanity by Zen—it might be the sanest thing in an insane world! I also say it’s for broken people living meaningless lives. Zen has always accepted that Humanity has a heartbreak. We’re all broken to some degree—mainly broken in our hearts: and Zen gives deep healing ways and joy forContinue reading “Zen Loves You”

Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world

“Zenity” is my term for the beneficial effects that a zen practice and a regular routine have on us. So, sanity by zen. Living simply and in the moment becomes the daily ordering principle which brings not only a peaceful tranquil mind, but also the tremendous joy of being able to bring the sacred intoContinue reading “Zenity: sanity by living simply with zen in an insane world”

Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe”

  Life, and the world, challenges me no end . . . and my resources. So, as a Teacher of Ancient Eastern Wisdom Paths to Liberation I delve deep, I practice, teach and trust.—Susan We’re at a moment in Eternity. And like Gandhi who when toughly challenged to be inspirational and responsible turned to BaghavadContinue reading “Living with Flow is Living Powerfully: with “The Song of the Universe””

Living with Zen Values

Living consciously with Zen in your life is very much about living moment-to-moment in awareness and simply being true to your own nature. This way of Zen enriches your life and helps you discover your full potential: and as you live this way, your life becomes deeper and fuller. Here are three simple steps alongContinue reading “Living with Zen Values”