Friday Tea-time . . . the zen tea destressing art – “learning silence” | A Zen Story [Koan]

Friday tea time again this week, and time to take time out for our de-stressing tea-way ritual. Today I’m continuing the focus on guidance for your contemplation and the zen tea way . . .  I found this short animated zen story on the tale of the 4 students learning to be silent for 7Continue reading “Friday Tea-time . . . the zen tea destressing art – “learning silence” | A Zen Story [Koan]”

Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Meditation #1 : astonishing power and healing

There are so many, many definitions of what Meditation is, and of course there are many systems of teaching Meditation technique. The Yoga approach is one of the most well known and structured ways to learn. The Zen way, of sitting zazen, is one of the least structured meditation practices. What is common, as farContinue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Meditation #1 : astonishing power and healing”

Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Silence #1 : silence and bodymind

Modern living requires us being involved in a ceaseless cacophony of traffic, cell phone rings, email bleeps, buzzers and blares. We’ve become unwitting receptors for pollution! The noise pollution that fills our daily lives can be washed away with a regular practice which restores wellbeing by stepping away from the stimulation, and its resulting emotionsContinue reading “Tuesday Teachings – thrive | Silence #1 : silence and bodymind”